I'm a 2nd year Master's student of the HCI Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Previously, I worked for 5 years as a software developer and architect at Satyam Computer Services Ltd, India. During this time, there were two things which made me develop an interest in HCI and Usability. One was working at the client location and seeing how the actual users viewed and used the software that I had written. Second was seeing the cross-cultural differences in how a piece of software is perceived (I worked in Budapest, Hungary and in London, UK). This interest drove me to read up more on the subject, and eventually I developed a strong enough interest that it drove me to come to Georgia Tech to delve into the subject more deeply.

I am primarily interested in Information Visualization and Interaction Design. On the technical side, my primary interests are web technologies (which is also what I specialized in during my 5 years of work). Take a look at my resume for more information.

You can also see a list of the courses I've taken, as well my recent academic projects.