I’m Shiva, a User Experience Designer in Brooklyn, NY.

I combine technical expertise of how systems tick with the creative vision to design how they talk.

As a UX designer, I’ve worked at a leading digital creative agency for seven years, designing everything from the mechanics of a single button to navigation systems for TV apps to comprehensive business strategies. Beginning my career as a programmer, I developed an appreciation for how large technical systems are pieced together.
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Selected Work

I’ve now worked in UX design for 7 years, also designing my own apps and websites in my spare time. Here’s a sample:

GM Maven

@Isobar / 2018
Mobile App, Service Design

As UX Lead, I helped Maven -- a car-share service -- establish a product roadmap, design some quick wins and lay the foundation for the product’s long-term evolution. I built out the Customer Journeys and Service Blueprints, led efforts on the Conceptual Designs, oversaw Detailed Designs and planned and ran over a dozen participants through user-testing.


@Personal / 2017–2018
Design, Development, Prototyping

I designed and developed this NLP (natural language processing) powered personal database of memory. Using a familiar chat-based interface, Munin empowers people to store and retrieve their memories by seamlessly defining simple language patterns. The system functions as a Javascript web app using browser LocalStorage (via Pouchdb) to store and retrieve data.

HBO Search

@Isobar / 2017–2018
Web App, Search Design

I helped redesign HBO.com’s Search experience based on a study of user behavior and content models. As User Experience Lead, I analyzed current behavior and user needs and led an iterative, ground-up design effort, closely collaborating with developers on building, testing and fine-tuning Search performance.

More Projects


@Personal / WIP / 2018–2019
Design, Development, Prototyping

Small group social tool for sharing restaurants recommendations. Also an experiment in small group collaborative taxonomy building.


@Isobar / 2017–2018
Product Design, Management

Product design and management for the responsive redesign and AEM replatforming of the Cinemax.com website.

Parker Firefox Extension

@Personal / WIP / 2016–2019
Design, Development, Prototyping

A sidebar extension designed to assist internet research. Take quick notes from a wide variety of pages, and subsequently analyze and organize them.