• UX Designer.
  • Programmer.
  • Generalist.
  • Shiva Muthiah
  • Potter.
  • Nature Nerd.
  • Photographer.

I combine technical expertise of how systems tick with the creative vision to design how they talk.

Working as a UX Lead at Isobar, I lead teams in building products starting from rough concept, to prototype to finished product. In the past few years I’ve designed everything from the mechanics of a single button to navigation systems for TV apps to comprehensive business strategies.

Design :: Development

My approach to design is informed by my 5 years as a developer. In the early stages of concepting, my awareness of the technical possibilities provides important constraints and opens new conceptual avenues for the creative process. Later in the design process, I am able to create functional prototypes using html/css/javascript when necessary. And finally, in bringing these designs to life, I can channel my technical understanding into speaking a common language with engineers.


As a programmer For 5 years, I worked on a range of systems, from web applications to UNIX shells for large banks. This allowed me to travel and meet the people who used the systems I built. The observations I made about how the UIs I naively designed were being used prompted me to change careers to design.

Design :: Nature :: Photography :: Pottery

When I am not designing, I’m often taking photographs, on both film and digital cameras, of nature mostly. My pictures are less of landscape and more of smaller details and patterns of nature, especially those that reveal the complex systems that underlie the natural world.

I also make pottery on the wheel. My aesthetic tends towards explorations of form and texture inspired by nature. I love thatI can create objects that are both functional and art-objects, and thus can be an intimate part of every day life in a way that a painting can never be.